Shelly Rider retires as President of Interloop North America

Interloop North America (ILNA), the exclusive North American representative of Interloop Limited, has recently announced the retirement of Shelley Rider, President of ILNA. With an impressive 11-year tenure, Shelley’s contributions to ILNA have been invaluable helping to position the company for continued success and growth. As ILNA bids farewell to Shelley, they express their gratitude for her leadership and dedication.

A Legacy of Dedication

Shelley Rider’s retirement marks the end of an era at ILNA. Throughout her tenure, Shelley embodied the core values of Interloop, going above and beyond to drive the company’s mission forward. Her leadership and unwavering commitment have played a pivotal role in shaping ILNA into the respected organization it is today. As a true ambassador of the company, Shelley has not only dedicated her professional life to ILNA but also lived and breathed its values.

ILNA is pleased to share that Shelley Rider has accepted the request to join the ILNA Board of Directors. This decision ensures a seamless transition in governance and provides ILNA with the opportunity to tap into Shelley’s extensive knowledge and experience. By retaining her presence on the board, ILNA can continue to benefit from Shelley’s valuable insights and guidance as they navigate future endeavors.

ILNA respects Shelley’s desire to prioritize quality time with her family and fulfill her personal aspirations in retirement. ILNA expresses heartfelt gratitude for Shelley’s tireless dedication and wishes her nothing but the best as she embarks on this new chapter of her life.

Hilda McDuff promoted to president of Interloop North America

A New Legacy is Born

In light of Shelley’s transition, Interloop North America is thrilled to announce the appointment of Hilda McDuff as the President of Interloop North America (ILNA), effective July 1, 2023. Hilda’s exceptional leadership skills, strategic go-to-market expertise, and extensive industry experience in apparel and basic categories make her the ideal candidate. Having spent six years at ILNA as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hilda has played a pivotal role in expanding ILNA’s customer base, successfully onboarding esteemed clients such as Amazon, Carter’s, and Dillard’s.

Throughout her tenure, Hilda McDuff has demonstrated her dedication to driving growth and innovation. She has been instrumental in shaping ILNA’s future, contributing to the development of Vision 2025 and annual Strategies in Action (SIA) planning and implementation. Hilda’s deep understanding of Interloop Limited and ILNA, combined with her strategic vision, will undoubtedly lead the company to new heights as a sustainable clothing supplier.

The Shareholders and Board of Directors have shown unwavering confidence in Hilda’s abilities to guide ILNA into the future. Her promotion to the role of President is a testament to her outstanding contributions and exemplary performance. Hilda’s passion for excellence, customer-centric approach, and strong leadership skills position her well for this new endeavor. Her appointment marks an exciting chapter in ILNA’s journey, and the entire organization congratulates Hilda on this well-deserved promotion

Looking Towards the Future

As Shelley and Hilda transition into their new roles, ILNA remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and sustainability. Building upon the strong foundation laid by Shelley and the dedicated team at ILNA, the company will continue to thrive and drive the apparel industry forward. With a multi-level approach to sourcing and a focus on quality, compliance, and sustainability, ILNA will forge ahead, guided by the vision and values that have been ingrained in its culture.

About Interloop North America

Interloop North America (ILNA), based in Winston-Salem, NC, is the exclusive North American representative of Interloop Limited, a vertically integrated manufacturer of Socks, Denim, Knit Apparel, and Activewear. ILNA brings a breadth and depth of experience and market insights to support customers’ own brand initiatives and has longstanding partnerships with leading global brands and retailers. ILNA’s mission is to be an agent of positive change for both stakeholders and the community by operating as an ethical and sustainable business. They are dedicated to creating beloved products and delivering expert services with integrity and passion while being responsible stewards of resources.